Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Addicted to Bloons Monkey City

Hello! It's been a while... Lately, I've been addicted to Bloons Monkey City. I started playing the Bloods TD Battles for a while and now I'm into BMC! :)

Here is a screenshot of my Bloons Monkey City.  My Bloons Money City founded 48 days ago and I'm currently in level 21 and still have to get 7080 xp to level up. The missions now are quite hard and I keep on repeating them especially the Moab Graveyard which I just recently finished. Too bad I haven't had any videos on how I managed to finish the Moab Graveyard mission and beat those Moabs. 

Well, I just wanted to share what strategy I did in this Moab Graveyard mission.

Here's an image that I got from bloons.wikia.com in case you need to visualize what I am trying to say here. ;)

I first used the 1 Monkey Village at the end part. Next, I put 5 Spike Factory Warehouse, the 3 Spike Factory Warehouse were upgraded till it reached the MOAB-SHREDR spikes (1/3), while the other 2 Spike Factory Warehouse were upgraded to 3/1 or if possible 3/2 until the Spiked Ball Factory.

I also put 1 House of Ice and 2 Wizard's Tower near the last track just before the 5 Spike Factories. I upgraded the House of Ice to 3/3 til it reached Artic Wind and Ice Shards. And I also upgraded the Wizard's Tower to 3/2 til it reached Summon Wind and Monkey Sense.

I sold the Monkey Village and then I put one Canon Support at the start and one at the middle of the track then I upgraded both canon to MOAB Mauler (1/3).

So far, it did good damage to the Moabs and other balloons with no lives lost! Amazing right? I actually earned $1,250, 750 XP and 5000 Bloontonium! :)

If you're still struggling in this mission, don't lose hope and try this strategy, there's no harm in trying right? Good luck and have fun playing! :)

If you haven't played this game, you can try and download it by clicking the image below:

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