Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dragon City - Zombie Dragon

I just got a Fossil Dragon right? So, I decided to breed my Fossil Dragon with my Steampunk Dragon. Breeding time is 12 hours and incubating time is 12 hours, then I got my very first Zombie Dragon

Here's a screenshot of my baby Zombie Dragon:

...and here is the screenshot of Quinlan, my Zombie Dragon, he can live in a Metal or Dark Habitat.

How much does a Zombie Dragon cost if you sell it? 10,000 gold... :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dragon City - Dandelion Dragon

Got addicted to Dragon City for a while now, so I decided to track down the dragons I have bred. To start of, I breed Bitz, my Fossil Dragon (Dark and Ice Dragon element) and Quinlan, my Nature Dragon and I've waited for it to hatch for 8 hours and then I got my first Dandelion Dragon! :)

This is what Dandelion Dragon Egg looks like....

If you have any other Ice Dragon, you can breed it together with a Nature Dragon and you will get a Dandelion Dragon.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dragon City - Fossil Dragon

I finally reached level 20 in Social Wars. Well, there's an offer in Dragon City game where you will and can only get a Fossil Dragon when you play Social Wars and reached level 20. I just did and I got mine! :)

The other ways to obtain a Fossil Dragon is to obtain 10 potions in an earlier Potion Game.

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