Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sims Social Freebies

The Sims video game which was developed by Playfish and EA is now on Facebook; The Sims Social. In the game, the users/players can create their own customized characters according to their liking and lives in a fictional town called Littlehaven. What makes The Sims Social different from the other Sims series games is that the players uses their characters to interact with their Facebook friends. Other than that, the game-play is just the same as the Sims series games, like creating relationships with other sims, develop likes or dislikes to other sims, doing tasks and skills.
The Sims Social has three currencies: the Simoleon, SimCash and Social Points. These currencies are used to purchase items in the game. Simoleons are the most basic currency. Unlike the other games in the Sims series, sims cannot get jobs to earn simoleons instead they're earned by performing almost any non-autonomous task. SimCash can most readily be obtained by purchasing them with real-world currencies; however, a recent update to the game permits users to earn up to 10 SimCash as a reward for playing the game on 5 consecutive days. SimCash allows the player to purchase special and limited edition objects. When the player begins the game, they will receive 20 free SimCash.Social Points are obtained by performing social interactions with other Sims. These can be used to purchase objects that are not available using Simoleons. You can exchange the Social Points for Simoleons by buying a Social Point item and selling them. Example: G King Counter worth 15,000 Social Points, that you can sell for 15,000 Simoleons.
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