Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Play The Terminal Online

In this Isometric shooting game, the player must destroy B.O.B. (The Terminal) before he eradicates the FailSafe HeadQuarters. <

B.O.B. will send waves of corrupted factory robots towards the HQ. Protect it and go assault B.O.B. as soon as you can, because when the countdown reaches zero, it is all over.
Use ARROW KEYS to move your robot, MOUSE to AIM and LEFT MOUSEBUTTON to FIRE. Letter 'P' to change weapons and buy upgrades.

Play The Terminal Online:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Play Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Online

I've recently played a flash game named Boxhead: The Zombie Wars online and I got addicted to it. You will have an initial weapon which is a pistol and you will have an infinite bullets for that. You will fight a lot of zombies here, there are mummies, devils and vampires which will turn into bats. There's this red zombies which are called 'Runners' because they will run after you when they see you, you'd better be careful because they run fast. 

You will get weapons and equipment which you can use to build your defense. Weapons and equipments such as shotgun, barricades, turret guns, grenade, barrels, rocket launcher, turret mortor and air strike.

I got a little confused at first on how to use those weapons and equipments that I had, so here are the Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Controls:

You can move by using the 'Arrow Keys' on your keyboard
Fire your weapon by hitting 'Space bar'
For Pause, press letter 'P'
If you want to change your weapons, press letters 'Z' and 'X'
Press 0-9 to change weapons; 0 - Airstrike, 1- Pistol, 2 - Shotgun, 3 - Barrels, 4 - Barricades, 5 - Turret Gun, 6 - Mini Gun, 7 - Grenades , 8 - Rocket Launcher , 9 - Turret Mortor....

Ready to Play?

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