Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What is Sony's Big Announcement?

Hmm... Everyone seems to be excited about Sony's announcement tomorrow. There are a lot of speculation on the web on what Sony will be announcing. Some says it has to do with the Playstation brand, but from there all bets are off. The most ambitious claims are for a $100 price reduction on the Playstation 3, a reduction on the Playstation 2 price to $99 (a reduction many feel is long overdue), and full PS2 backwards compatibility for the PS3, via software (the Playstation 3 originally shipped with full PS2 backwards compatibility in hardware, then reduced that to partial backwards compatibility via a software/hardware mix, and finally dropped it altogether).

Other possibilities are announcement of the Playstation Portable 2, or a price drop for the current PSP.

All of this is very much speculation and rumor. Let's just wait and see what Sony announcement would be tomorrow.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Secret Ways to level up a NeoPet

Secret Ways to level up a NeoPet

Training School
Its 2 times faster than the Academy. Pay Codestones for it. To easily get a Codestone, search at the Shop Wizard. Location: Mystery Island

Its slower than the Training School. Dubloons are paid there. Dubloons are Cheaper than Codestones. Location: Krawk Island.

Deadly Dice
Count von Roo is awake around 12:00 NST (midnight). If you roll a lower dice, you will lose a level but if you roll a higher dice, you will gain a level. Only level 2+ can play. Location: Roo Island

Colozontan's Shrine
Can raise your NeoPet's attack, defence, speed or level if your NeoPet says "Come on Colozontan, make me stronger!" Or can even raise your NP if your NeoPet says "Colozontan, give me one Million NeoPoints!" But he can only grant 1 wish a day. Location: Lost Desert

Secret Lab Ray
Can raise your NeoPet's attack, defence, speed or level but it can lower one of them. Can also Change your NeoPet's color. You can get it if you have all the map pieces.

Quick Neopets Cheats and Hacks

These are the Neopets Cheats and Hacks...
  • Quick Neopoints Hack
  • Free Chocolate Lupes
  • Codes for the hide and seek
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  • Tombolala Coins
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  • Best Time To Shop
  • Nerkmid cheat
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  • Whack-A-Staff
  • Tug-O-War Passwords

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