Friday, February 6, 2009

PSP hits Europe with Trio of New Colors

Times are tough and Sony knows that if it wants to sell PSP's (Believe me they want to sell some badly) they had better try some new tricks to entice buyers. And what could make the consumer want you more? Sony thinks that it’s all in the colors.

Sony is releasing the European PSP in three new colors to compliment the Carnival Colors we covered just a week ago. You’ll be able to get your PSP in Radiant Red, Mystic Silver and Pearl White. They might be trying a little too hard. Those color names sound like stripper names for Eighty-year-olds. In fact, I’m pretty sure Pearl White starred on The Golden Girls.

Sony has confirmed that the silver and white versions will be available this month, but you’ll have to wait until March to get the Radiant Red version.

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