Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pervy Golf Game Gets PSP Port

Pangya Golf is a Japanese title developed by Tecmo and currently available on the PC and Wii console. The game’s major claim to fame, apart from being a mediocre golf sim, is that it allows gamers to dress their avatars in any number of skanky outfits before teeing off. In that sense, the game is kind of like the Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball of Golf games. The title even features a lovely tropical island minimap, where players can access a variety of training mini games and purchase new outfits for their virtual avatar. Winning matches awards the player with more of the game’s virtual currency, called Pang, which is used to unlock additional in-game content. For better gameplay and a more realistic apprach to golf on the PSP, readers re encouraged to check out our Hot Shots: Open Tee review.

Still, Pangya on the PSP might surprise us. One of the things that made the original PC version of the game so popular in Asia was its great multiplayer features. The PSP port will bring some of those back, in the form of 8-player match ups over local ad-hoc connection. The PSP version of the title will be called Fantasy Golf Panya Portable, and it will arrive on April 9th in Japan for the price of $56 USD. So far there is no word on a North American release.



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