Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Sims Pets 2

I've almost finished playing this game if i didn't stopped playing. It was already 99%! I played hard on that game because it'd kind of hard, especially the tricks. I stopped playing for months because I was hooked up with another game which is Pokemon Emerald version. When I tried to open my file on The Sims Pets 2, my file was gone! I don't know what happened but it was gone! Aaarrgghh!!! After that I didn't play the game anymore...

Well, the game was pretty nice though, I wouldn't have gone far playing it if it's not. First, you'll have to create your own character, your own Sim after that you're ready to play. Talk to the people around and they'll teach you what to do. To get a pet go to Four-Legged Friends pet shop just next to your apartment. Then you can start training your pet with different Command tricks. The more your pet has learned tricks, the better it will do in duels and competitions. The commands at first are so simple but it gets harder though as the game continues.

It's fun! You can try it out too if you want to hehehe... Have fun playing guys!



mahilig sab diay ka ug gaming ha. nice to know.

hehehehe... uu choco... :) thanks for hopping by.. same to you lutchi.. :)

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