Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pokemon: Emerald Version

Here's another adventure and RPG game, Pokemon: Emerald Version. It took me a while to actually finish this game but it was fun, I like this game a lot. There are a lot of hidden places you have to discover here, some are just easy to find but others are difficult. Sometimes, it's quite confusing, I don't know where to go next but I was glad I manage to surpassed it, it took me a while though *lol*. Well, of course with my brothers help, I made it. He's a fan of Pokemon too. He bought a GBA game entitled 'Pokemon: Frigo Returns' and it turned out it was a fake. No wonder we can't go through the game anymore. He tried to changed it at the store where he bought it but they said they cannot accept it? I dunno, he just don't want to talk about it. So, guys, beware of those fakes Gameboy Games!

Our youngest brother had been a victim of this too, he had a Pokemon Chaos Black, a fake too, you can't get through the falls inside the cave. The end! The game looks pretty good but too bad you can't coninue playing it coz you're stuck!

These are the known fake games:
I guess you should check on the Nintendo Gold Seal and look closely at the sticker if the printing is of good quality. Many fakes have slightly distorted pictures on them and the print quality is poor, this will not be the case on a genuine Nintendo product.

Back to the Pokemon Emerald version, The elite four is very hard to beat, I tell you. I guess I was defeated twice after I had nailed them. After you beat them, you'll just wait for the credits to finish and you can get back on your saved game. :)



unsaon mana pag drop sa Ec Mei..hahaha...manol man ko..wa man gud ko kasulay..hala uy let me know lang thru comment sa ako blog...thanks in advance..babuu

niboto na ko did2 Mi..ayo2 diha

I am still waiting for Pokemon Talcum Powder and Pokemon Malachite.

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