Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Grandia II

Finish playing this RPG on Dreamcast after how many days? Can't recall, hehehe... I just love playing this game, the graphics and animations are good and I like the songs too. I had a hard time playing this but still I enjoyed it. Well, I don't know if there are still people who plays this or plays a game on Dreamcast. Mostly, people now have their own portable Playstation, Nintendo DS or Gameboy.

Screen shots I got on the net... =)

Storyline: The story focuses on Ryudo the Geohound (a kind of mercenary) and his talking bird, Skye. Together they accept a mission from the town of Carbo's church as bodyguards for Elena, a Songstress of Granas, who is on her way to Garmia Tower. The job turns into something much more after an incident at the tower, and Ryudo and Elena find themselves traveling all over the world, meeting some new friends and some new enemies. The story is preceded by a war between two gods 10,000 years before the current events, called the Battle of Good and Evil. In this war, Valmar, the Devil of Darkness, battled Granas, the God of Light; their followers fought as well.

This war devastated the planet; it is said that Granas's sword created the Granacliffs, a series of giant cliffs across the face of the planet, as it fell from the sky. In legend, Granas defeated Valmar, but did not destroy him. Parts of Valmar's body, his essence, are stored all over the world in seals maintained by the church of Granas while Granas sleeps, regaining strength. Unfortunately, unknown to the general population of the world, Granas was actually killed by Valmar during the Battle of Good and Evil. Only a few individuals, mostly members of the church of Granas, are aware that Granas is actually dead and that Valmar was the winner of that war. It was decided long ago to conceal the truth of Granas's death to prevent the world from sinking into chaos and barbarism, as the population would know themselves to be effectively doomed. For an unknown reason, the church did not hide the fact that the moon of Valmar would appear in the sky to signal the dark god's revival. However, Granas left a powerful reminder of his legacy behind in the form of the Granasaber. [Source]



Hey Miah! dli man ma klaro ang text saimo post oi..sakit sa mata..hehe

hehehehe.. sowee gud.. change lang nako na hehehe... :) Thanks sa bisita neill...

ganahan pud diay ka ug dula2 MI..wa ko nahon ani..hehehe...niboto diay ko nimo ganina..

kato ako mga strawberries sa garden namo to...wala lang kaayo natagad kay tua man ko sa amerika last time..last year asus tablaw ko kaon kay puwerte jud kadaghan ..bisan silingan tagaan gud..

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